About Us - Carenote

What loneliness means to us

Loneliness has little to do with the number of friends, acquaintances, or people surrounding us. Instead, it’s a feeling of not having the type of social connections you want - people who know and care about you, and who you can talk to about everything or nothing at all.  

As we age, our lives evolve, and it’s not unusual to find ourselves spending more time alone, as good friends relocate, a spouse passes away, or we venture out less and less to social engagements. But just because our lives change doesn’t mean our need for connection with others does too. We believe that social health is just as important at mental and physical health. That’s why we created Carenote.

We’re a tight-knit, driven team. We’ve seen the implications of loneliness around us and in our own families . At the core of our efforts are seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists, industry veterans, and academics specializing in healthcare and gerontology.

Carenote creates meaningful connections through a simple solution, conversation.    

These connections that lift us up and that give us something to look forward to. We recognize that when you feel lonely, you can also feel like you’ve been forgotten. We believe in conversation not automation, so our Carenote team gets to know you, so that you have a friend who knows you personally and someone you can rely on.

Let’s talk.