Downloads - Carenote

Companionship when you need it.

With our Free Carenote app, a friend is never too far away.

From quick hellos to in-depth conversations about the things that matter most to you, we create meaningful friendships between you and our team of caregivers.

Download our app for free today and send us a message —we’d love to hear from you.

Unlimited Carenote chat messages & notifications with your Care Pal.

Unlimited Chat

Share and receive unlimited messages with your Care Pal from 8am - 8pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday. We’ll also send notifications to remind you of your scheduled phone calls with us.

Detailed Carenote reports that can be monitored by you, your family and/or caregiver.

Manage Your Carenotes

After each call, we’ll send a detailed report so that you and your loved ones can keep track of how you’re doing physically and emotionally. You can access your Carenotes directly from our app.

Reminders for medication, scheduled meetings, holidays and anniversaries. Don't forget important dates.

Check-ins & Reminders

You don’t have to worry about missing an important appointment. We’re here to help you remember your medications, meetings, anniversaries and special occasions with your loved ones.