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Loneliness is lethal
but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s an epidemic. Over 40% of adults in America feel lonely. Chronic loneliness can cause a battery of mental and physical health issues, and is a predictor of dying too soon.

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Are you feeling stressed out?

Stress has a greater effect on those who are lonely. Financial trouble, health problems and everyday obstacles tend to have a bigger emotional impact on individuals who lack social support.

Having someone to talk to is one effective way to relieve the stress of loneliness. Carenote’s 30-minute long Care Calls are designed for you to talk about the things that matter most to you.

Do you feel alone even when you’re surrounded by others?

Feelings of loneliness have more to do with the quality of our relationships with other people than the number of social connections in our lives.

At Carenote, we focus on building a meaningful 1-on-1 relationship between you and your dedicated Care Pal who will become a trusted friend and confidante.

Do you live alone?

As we get older, our social circles shrink. Kids move away, friends and spouses pass away and as a result, we attend fewer social events. Feelings of grief and prolonged bereavement can make us susceptible to loneliness.

Though our lives change, our need for connection with others doesn’t. Carenote will match you with a dedicated Care Pal so that you develop a lasting relationship that provides the level companionship and stability you need.

Have you been getting sick more often?

Chronic loneliness can cause a weakened immune system and inflammation in the body which can lead to increased illness and disease.

Having someone to talk to is one way to feel less lonely and feel better physically. Your Care Pal will check in with you daily and escalate any emergencies that may arise during your Care Calls.

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