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Personalized Companionship Services for Seniors

Independence for Mom. Peace of Mind for You.


We know that you’re busy. And we know that you want your parents to live their best lives.

Carenote is here to take care of the small things. From arranging an Uber to calling to check in on mom every day, we’re here to fill in the in-between moments.

A Personal Companion.

With Carenote, your loved one gets their very own Care Pal, a highly trained and dedicated professional who is committed to providing warm companionship, and there to perform small tasks as needed.

Your parent will develop meaningful connections with their Care Pal through daily friendly conversations. Our team has diverse educational backgrounds and a variety of professional experience, making them perfect for providing elite companionship to empower your loved one to maintain their independence.

We keep you connected with detailed email summaries, or Carenote reports. You’ll know just how your loved one is doing mentally, physically, and emotionally. Because we’re here to help with the small things, you can get back to spending quality time with your loved one.

Call us today to get your loved one started.

Our specially-trained Care Pals are experts in aging adults.

We use trusted services to complete administrative and household tasks, including arranging transportation and ordering groceries.

Your loved one will have the support that they need to remain independent and you will have the comfort of knowing that they are taken care of.

Top, trusted companies that use
concierge assistant services like ours.

Let us help your loved one and save you time.

We’re here to make your life easier. Why spend the precious time you have with your parents helping them schedule transportation or reminding them to take their medicine? We’ll take care of the little things while you enjoy quality time with your loved ones.


Here are a few tasks that our Care Pals have completed for other members.



  • Coordinating transportation services to destinations via Uber or Lyft
  • Setting appointments such as doctors, dentists, vets, etc.
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Reminders for appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, insurance renewals

Home Organization

  • Arranging handyman and housekeeping services
  • Arranging grocery and meal delivery
  • Paying bills online (cell phone, utilities, cable, internet, etc)
  • Scheduling pet care services such as grooming and/or walking

Personal Care

  • Daily check-ins and medication reminders
  • Scheduled calls for conversation and friendship
  • Weekly email summaries for tasks and conversations
  • Scheduling caregiver house visits

Does your loved one need something that isn’t on this list?

We’ve got you covered. Our team is flexible, well-trained, and savvy. The only limitation to our abilities is your imagination. Call us today to see how we can help your parents age in place.

How we’re different.

Our superpower is a team of highly-trained, highly-educated humans with diverse professional backgrounds.

Our Care Pals are creative, resourceful full-time employees who love connecting with people. Most importantly, they understand the unique needs of aging adults and want to help in any way that they can.




Your parent’s Care Pal will call every day to see if there’s anything they need. And they’ll report back to you so that you know exactly how your parent is doing mentally, physically, and emotionally.


a team

If your loved one’s dedicated Care Pal isn’t available for any reason, there’s always someone there to call and check on your parent and handle any of their requests.


We value

We vet each Care Pal thoroughly so that we can ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.


We're specially trained

Our extensive training program ensures that our Care Pals are equipped to handle the dynamic lives of aging adults.

How it works.


Free Consultation

Give us a call for your free consultation. We will ask you a few questions to match your loved one with Care Pal.


Friendly 1-on-1 conversations

We build meaningful connections with your loved one through personal conversations with their dedicated Care Pal.


Request Tasks

If there’s anything your parent needs done, they can just let their Care Pal know and we’ll take care of it.


Stay Connected

Best of all, you won’t miss a thing. With Carenote reports, you’ll know just what we talked about and how your loved one is doing physically and emotionally.