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Starting at less than $1 per day.

Sign up today and try any of our plans free for 14 days. Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel at any time, at no cost to you. We know that we can make a difference in your life.


Our starter plan provides ongoing care and conversation.
(Less than $1 per day)

$29 / mo.
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Our most popular plan offers consistent care and a daily presence.
(Less than $2 per day)

$59 / mo.

Our premium plan offers daily care and constant companionship.
(Less than $5 per day)

$149 / mo.

Why is Carenote a paid service?

Quality and security are two of our biggest priorities when it comes to the care of our users. To maintain the quality of Carenote’s service and ensure our members’ safety and security, our Care Pals are paid professionals who must complete a six-week training program. At Carenote, we are confident we can provide the best possible service of care. However, If you are dissatisfied with our service we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

To learn more about our service, call us toll-free 1-888-449-8989

Scheduled 30 Minute Calls Select the day and time that works for your loved one, and we’ll call for a friendly 30-minute conversation.
4 calls / mo.
8 calls / mo.
20 calls / mo.
Carenote ReportsReceive a detailed email summary after each of our Care Calls so that you know how they’re doing mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Escalation for Emergencies If we detect an issue during a conversation, we will alert you immediately.
Dedicated Care Pal Your loved one will be matched with one Care Pal who will always be on the other end of calls, chats, and texts.
Unlimited Chat Your senior can download the free Carenote app and chat with our Care Pals as often as they like.
Unlimited Text Messaging Chat or saying hello is as easy as sending us an SMS text message.
Daily Check-in Calls Once a day, we’ll give your senior a quick call just to say hello and see how they’re doing that day.
Daily Check-in Texts At least once a day, we'll check in with your loved one with an inspirational quote, one of our favorite jokes, or just to see how their day is going.
Unscheduled Calls When your loved one needs someone to talk to, we are just a phone call away.
Family Concierge Your Care Pal will save you and your loved one time by handling small tasks, and sending reminders for medication and important appointments.
Fraud Watch During our conversations, we will keep an ear open for any signs of fraud or elder abuse and alert you immediately so that you can act quickly.